Bewitched Fairy Dust

Our Fairy dust Semi-permanent hair dyes are significantly less harsh the traditional dyes and they won’t leave your hair damaged. Instead of penetrating the core of the hair, our dye coats the hair’s surface and washes out over time (between 2-4 weeks} In addition to being a safer and easier dye to use, our dye comes in a greater variety of bold colours. Bleach your hair if necessary.  If you want intense, bright colours and you have darker hair, you will need to bleach it.

Keep in mind that bleaching may damage your hair!!

Strand Test

Select a small strand of hair not noticeable to test the colour or bleach on before committing to the colour or bleach.


After a colour lift, you will notice your hair is now a copper-yellow colour.  Use a toner to help remove unwanted yellow tones before applying colour.

Protect your skin and clothes

While our dye eventually washes out removing it from your skin and clothes takes a few scrubs so:

o Wear clothes you don’t mind staining

o Put a towel down in the area you are working

o Wear gloves

o Put a thin line of Petroleum Jelly/Vaseline along your hairline

Mixing our dyes

We recommend using an oil-free conditioner like Colgate Egg. The ratio is 1 spoon of colour for every 2 spoons of conditioner used enough for your hair. Short hair only needs a few spoons.

Apply the Hair dye

Apply a thick amount of hair dye wherever you want it. You can either rub the dye in by hand or use a tint brush to “paint” your hair covering the hair evenly.  As our dye is Chemical Free there is no such thing as “too long”. You can leave your colour to set for 45-60 minutes.

Rinse out dye

Rinse your hair with lukewarm water until the water runs clear. Wash your hair with a Sulphate-free shampoo and apply conditioner to keep your hair moist. Allow hair to air-dry as blow drying dries your hair and fades your colour.

Minimize hair washing

The semi-Permanent dye will fade each time you wash, wash your hairas infrequently as you can get away with it.

Repeat dyeing as needed

As our Fairy dust is Chemical Free you can touch up your colour as often as you wish with no damage.

                                                                        "Life is to short to have boring hair"